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The Garden

It's amazing how so much work looks so unimpressive.

So P. and I have been involved in this major garden building project. These are (obviously) raised garden beds, each 4x4ft. Last year we had 3 of them in the grass. This year we added 2 more and P. very much wanted the addition of this gravel. He claims that he hated mowing around the beds, but I suspect that he had some secret desire to make the side yard look like a city roof garden.

Here is the work that has been done so far this year, sadly mostly done by P. due to my travel and work schedule:

– Built 2 new boxes

– Tore out grass at location of boxes and inserted boxes

– covered grass with weed sheet

– covered weed sheet with 2 yards of gravel

– filled boxes with 1 yard of soil

– plants purchased at farm market

– plants planted

– bunny resistant fence stapled all the way around the existing privacy fence

– sunflowers, nasturtiums, and morning glories planted around the fence (not yet visible)

– front area for herb garden cleared

– herbs planted

– tomato cages in

– purchase of picnic table from Craigslist

– purchase of quarry tiles and leveling sand

– watering

– purchase and planting of additional tomatoes

Here is the work that is yet to be done:

– front part of bunny fence installation. Requires some sort of crazy posts and I’m not sure what. Ask P. for more details.

– removal of sod/grass for picnic table patio, fill with sand, place stones, place picnic table

– selection of and installation of some sort of sunshade for picnic table

– more watering

– weeding

Anyone want to come over this weekend and help me get this picnic table patio installed? I really don’t think it will take that long?

You always root for Peter Rabbit as a kid, until it's your garden. We have GOT to get the rest of the bunny fence up before they discover our bumper strawberry crop!