Hi I’m Mari. I’ve lived all over the country; West Coast, East Coast, New England, Mid-West, urban areas, suburban, and many many college towns (my favorite). Right now I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I’m horrifying my new acquaintances with my vegetarianism (almost 20yrs baby!), my tendencies to forage for wild plants and actually eat them, and my desire to cook as much of my own food as I possibly can. The little stuff and the big stuff too.

This summer my boyfriend and I are building and planting a garden. We’re tired. Hope it works out! Stay tuned.


“So Mari, what’s with the rude name?”
This blog’s irreverent title has given me something to smile about for years. Given you all something to wonder about, given my coworkers something to gossip about. Plus, if you’re not swearing then you’re not working hard enough. Whisk hard!


“And the blog?”

This blog was originally started in 2007 when I was obsessed with making ice cream. It grew and then was on hiatus when I moved from my beloved home of Bloomington, Indiana and thought that I’d lost my readership. Just this month I’ve been asked by more than 10 people what happened to my blog and realized it was time to bring it back for round 2. Facelift!!!!


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