The Garden Giveth

Bounty comes at last.



And we taketh away.


If you haven’t tried grilling pizza yet, you should really get on it. It’s SO EASY!

This post is not about making pizza dough, in fact we bought our dough at one of our favorite pizza places. It cost $1. Most pizza shops will sell you a doughball if you go in and ask nicely, prices vary since it’s rarely on their regular menu.

This post is not about stretching pizza dough.

Get your grill as hot as possible and brush the hot grill with a low-burning oil (canola, corn, soy, etc). Stretch your dough out and flip it onto the hot grill. This is scary! It’s hot! (I recommend tongs)! And you only get one chance! Brush the exposed side with some more oil, shut the lid, and let it cook until you smell burning and the bottom is starting to darken and char.

Flip your pizza over and as fast as possible (over the heat) top it with your choice toppings. Move fast! Shut the lid and cook until the bottom starts to darken and char. Remove from heat. That’s it.


Because of the speed of cooking on the grill you can’t actually cook any of the pizza toppings onto the pizza as you would in a normal oven. That means that all your toppings must be pre-cooked in every possible way.


Put whatever you desire on your pizza, but the one viewed here is nettle pesto (from earlier this spring), summer squash from our garden that was cooked in a little butter and pepper, and brie cheese. We had a second pizza of chard from the garden (sauteed in garlic and butter), tomato sauce, and topped with the rest of the  brie.



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  1. It tastes even better than it looks!

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