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>I emerge from silence with this message:

>90% of the time being a vegetarian is a non-issue. I go to restaurants and they usually have at least one veggie thing. In fact, going to a restaurant where I have more than one choice is pretty overwhelming; I’m not used to having any selection.

In restaurants where there are no veggie choices I can usually ask them if they can combine two veggie items that I see on the menu. For example: sub the chicken with pan-fried mushrooms with the pasta alfredo.

Some weeks I have to eat an awful lot of grilled cheese. Unfortunately it’s usually American Cheeze, but at least it’s veggie. I never make grilled cheese at home anymore to offset the imbalance.

So that’s okay.

None of this is true in Big Rapids. Or, so it seems, in highway rest stops. The one nice restaurant in Big Rapids doesn’t have a single vegetarian item on their lunch menus. They will sub tofu for meat on some of their pasta dishes…. but the price doesn’t change when you loose the meat. The last time I went there with my coworkers I paid $16 for a small plate of spaghetti and tofu (it didn’t come with any salad or bread). I tried to eat only half of it because it was so expensive, and ended up starving an hour later. I really enjoy networking with my coworkers over lunch, but not at that price.

My other recent example is the Panda Express at some rest stop in Wisconsin. I used to eat at the PE in college and they had several vegetarian items. Not this place. They literally had chicken in every single dish.
Chicken Lo Mein
Chicken Fried Rice
General Tso’s Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Chicken and Potato
etc etc ad nauseum.

Let’s leave off this whole bit where I get on my high horse about animal cruelty and mass food production in the US. Being a vegetarian is my thoughtful choice, being a meat eater might be yours. I hope it’s thoughtful.

My point? It is TERRIBLY unhealthy to eat meat at every meal of the day. It is godawful for people’s cholesterol, blood pressure, vitamin intake (or lack thereof), fat intake. In short, it will kill you.

And yes, you can get protein and iron from other sources.

The inimitable Michael Pollan said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”

What the fuck is wrong with this country? Jeebus.