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>Lollipop no.3

Lemon-Ginger Lollipop made with only juice and sugar.


>Buttermilk-Black Pepper Waffles with Swiss Cheese

>My favorite breakfast recipes are all from the much beloved Garden of Vegan cookbook. I however am not a vegan so sometimes I make them with soymilk and sometimes I substitute real milk. The best thing about the recipes in this book is that they all use whole grain; I’m very fond of the cornmeal pancake recipe as well. This recipe is adapted to a savory waffle from the sweet one in the book. Changes include: the change to real dairy (duh), reduction of sweetener, increase in salt, addition of pepper, flax seed, and obviously the cheese.

I’m very pleased with how these turned out. Full of whole grain and savory cheese and pepper flavors. I will never make waffles again without the rolled oats.

Buttermilk-Black Pepper Waffles with Swiss Cheese
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup unbleached white flour
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 cup skim milk
1 Tbsp ground pepper
1 Tbsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp maple syrup
2 Tbsp ground flax seed meal (optional but majorly delicious)
1 cup grated swiss cheese
Food processor
waffle iron

1) Grind oatmeal in food processor until course.
2) Add cheese and all other dry ingredients. Grind again until cheese is entirely broken down.
3) Add wet ingredients and combine one more time. Check for salt and to see if there’s enough cheese.
4) Cook in your waffle iron

– Making this batter in the food processor couldn’t possibly be any easier. It takes about 2min.
– To make vegan buttermilk combine 1 cup full-fat soymilk with 1 Tbsp lemon juice or vinegar and substitute accordingly. This also works if you eat dairy but only have regular milk around.
– I don’t know much about vegan cheese but if you find a vegan cheddar that melts I suspect it would work very well here.



You see here 1 beautiful homemade
Green Tea Lollipop.

Was making lollipops a bitch?
– Well sure, the first time. This time I had a better idea of what I was doing and it went much more smoothly.

Did you make a mess?
– Yes, the first time. This time I was even able to stop the giant pot of green sticky sugary goo from boiling over. It was very close.

Did you burn yourself?
– Yes, a little. See above-mentioned learning curve.

What made the difference?
– Using a Sil-Pat instead of molds a la Gale Gand.

What will make even more of a difference?
– Getting a candy thermometer that actually works. See, both times I got all ready to follow the instructions and to pull the boiling sugar off the stove at 305-degrees. Both times the thermometer didn’t do a damned thing. Luckily I’ve read and seen enough about sugar over the years to know that it goes through various stages as it melts and that I could test it by dripping a bit of the mixture in ice water to see how hard it got in the water. However, I think the person who’s doing this for the first time shouldn’t have to; we should get to use a working thermometer (unless you’re like, a medieval dude, living in pre-thermometer days of yore).

What else?
– I made more this time than either myself or my office really wants to eat- prob because I lost less of the sugar mixture (getting better). Prob bring them to derby practice sometime this week.

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>Apparently because I haven’t been posting here much there’s some worry as to whether or not I’m eating (or not).

Don’t worry. I have 0 inclination or ability to not eat. I eat all the time. It’s just that cooking for 1 person tends to be kind of boring. Do you really want to see photos of steamed asparagus? I promise it’s green and stinky.

In summation the only interesting things I’m making are:

1) Lots of popsicles because they’re single-person sized servings. The ovaltine popsicles were amazing. This week’s green-hippie-juice flavor is not great. Well, fantastic texture, but it turns out that you don’t really want to savor that flavor. Sour cherry juice was pretty good. Next week I might try a tofu thing.

2) I’m trying to make lollipops for adults. I got all excited, drove all around GR trying to find molds that weren’t the shape of teddy bears or starfish, finally ordered some offline, discovered that my candy thermometer is kind of inacurate, then managed to melt the molds because my sugar was too hot (damned thermometer). The whole thing was kind of a mess and my lovely Earl Grey Tea flavor was kind of subsumed by Burt Sugar flavor. Pretty color though once I managed to get them out of the melted plastic. Last night my friend and I drove down to GR and bought silpats so I will now try making them this way. They won’t be a perfect circle but I can’t melt the damned thing.

Flavors I’m considering: black pepper, habanero pepper, balsamic vinegar, lemon-ginger-apple, Chinese 5-Spice.

I want to use only natural flavorings (mostly juice/infusions).

This entire project started because I wanted to make candy that would wake me up during staff meetings. So very sour, or spicy, etc.

1) Savor That Flavor is now my new phrase of choice.
2) I am OBSESSED with malted milk. I seem to be the only person my age who likes this stuff but I LOVE it.