>Deconstructed Gingerbread Ice Cream

>So in accordance with my LJ poll re: what ice cream I should make next and some of the discussion that went along with it I decided to make Blackstrap Molasses and Candied Peanut Ice Cream.

But when I went to Sahara Mart where I had last seen these peanuts they no longer carried them. They had honey roasted peanuts and cinnamon roasted peanuts, honeyed almonds and cinnamon almonds. None of which were what I wanted. So I picked up a bag of candied ginger instead and went along with plan B.

For the base I started with a basic 2 cups of cream, 1 cup of milk mixture. I thought I’d be able to only use molasses to sweeten the base, but I was worried that by the time I got enough of it into the mix to make it really sweet I’d have a lot of trouble with the mixture not really freezing (per last year’s Goat Cheese and Honey ice cream that required an extra cup of lightly whipped cream before it would freeze).

So I used brown sugar for most of the sweetness and did end up adding a considerable amount of molasses to the mixture, whereupon it became very very thick. Seeing that I hadn’t made the custard yet I decided to add more whole milk. I achieved a consistency that I deemed appropriate after I added two extra cups of whole milk. At that point I made the custard by whisking like a motherf****r

At this point I have way more volume of than will run in my ice cream machine at once, which is actually okay by me since I need to bring some of this to work on Friday for a potluck and now I’ll have extra to bring to some of those other molasses lovers in my life. Wadam, you can expect a container of it in your near future.

The final recipe at this point is:
– 2 cups heavy cream
– 3 cups whole milk
– 2 vanilla beans
– 2/3 cup brown sugar
– 1 tsp salt
– I have no idea how much molasses is in there at this point, but definitely more than 1/2 cup.

I’ll see tonight if it freezes. If not I’ll resort to that adding the extra cup of lightly whipped cream solution.

The base color is a BEAUTIFUL color from the molasses, it looks like gingerbread. I tasted it with a chip of the candied ginger in it. This is not one of my more stellar experiments, but it’s a good idea and I’m pretty sure that it will get eaten.

other thoughts
I’d had a gingerbread ice cream that I enjoyed a few years ago at the [highly successful] Ben and Jerry’s store in State College. I have the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cookbook (thank you .50cent garage sale) so I looked in there to see if there was a recipe to inspire me. Now all I can think is, “Man, Ben and Jerry’s is LAME.” All of their recipes use what they call a “sweet cream base”. A few recipes add chocolate to it, one recipe calls for incorporating peanut butter. That’s it, everything else is just that sweet cream base with stuff floating in it (more commonly known as a Mix In).

Lame. All of the more interesting ice cream recipes experiment with a flavored base: They use an unusual type of sugar (brown, honey, molasses, date molasses, rice syrup, agave syrup, etc), or they entirely incorporate some component (creamy cheeses, preserves, nut butters), or they’re blended with a fruit, or they’re infused with a herb or spice.

Ben and Jerry, you are lame-o nutter butters.


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  1. >Could you, at some point, please expand on the notion of whether a mixture will freeze or not? I was always under the impression that almost everything freezes except alcohol when you bring it below 32 degrees. Does cream have trouble freezing? Is it the sugar? When something doesn't freeze what does it, in fact, do? Does it just take longer to freeze?Inquiring minds want to know.

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