>I’ve been feeling really boring in my cooking lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found a crazy new ingredient to experiment with lately. Or maybe it’s because I feel so rushed when I cook. Maybe I’m finally tired of making weird pizzas. Maybe I just made my crazy mango sauce too many times and feel like I overdid the Caribbean bit.


Luckily I think inspiration is in sight. The new cable company had called recently to tell us that we had a few cable channels turned on whether we liked it or not (we didn’t want to pay for it even though we have a cable modem). But last night for the hell of it beatnik and I decided to try hooking it up so that maybe we could watch Lost for free instead of downloading it.

I can’t tell yet if they made a mistake or if my idea of basic cable is just really different from theirs. But we have 60-some channels now. Including Food Network and Bravo….so I can watch Top Chef 4 even though I’ve missed almost all of the season.

Maybe something will click. Some new technique or combination or ingredient.

God I hope so, cause right now I can’t even think of an ice cream flavor I really want to try.



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  1. >this past week i made ice creams but with different bases. on monday, i used goats milk (to make a delicious coffee ice cream) and last night i made a chocolate almond vegan ice cream. both came out so wonderful! whenever i need a challenge, i like experimenting with recipes and trying to veganize them (even though i am not one, i have many friends who are). maybe that'll give you some inspiration. :)xo

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