>The Littlest Oven

>I’m 90% convinced that I could live without my regular oven. As in, I do 90% of all the things oven-related in my toaster oven. The only 2 uses for the big oven are 1) roasting a giant winter squash (like the one that’s been sitting around my kitchen for 3mo) and 2) cooking pizza. I guess there’s a very occasional batch of cookies or miniature pie experiments or roasted bananas (for roasted banana ice cream), but not very often.

Heck, the toaster oven takes 2min to heat up instead of 30. It uses probably a 10th of the energy the big oven takes. I don’t feel like I’m the Sahara Dessert every time I open it. Mostly I don’t have to bend over and waggle my butt to look into it.

The things I use it for oven for are:

1) Roasting heads of garlic (wrapped in a tin foil pouch and covered with olive oil).
2) Roasting an entire diced Asian eggplant with several cloves of minced garlic and lots of salt and olive oil.
3) Roasting a package of cherry tomatoes, all cut in half (usually mixed with salt, garlic, olive oil).
4) Making mini quesadillas out of corn tortillas or those cute tiny flour tortillas that I’m fond of.
5) Upon occasion roasting fruit.
6) Melting cheese on anything
7) And of course, toasting bread.

I think if I got one of these tiny pizza stones the toaster oven would go even further:

I wonder what I’m waiting for- that’s certainly $15 well spent.


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